Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dawn Thompson - Adieu

Dawn Thompson, author of paranormal romances such as Blood Moon and Lord of the Deep, passed away yesterday. A woman who always greeted you with a smile, she will be sorely missed. I can only imagine the tales she had yet to tell. For me, Dawn played a major role in my tales making their way to publication. As a new, unpublished author, I once asked Dawn for some advice. I couldn't understand why my manuscripts kept getting rejected. After a few prodding questions from her and then some pointers and advice, I went home and rewrote an entire manuscript. That manuscript was Hunting Diana, my first paperback. Come to think about it, I actually wrote the first ten pages of No One But Madison using her advice. Then I read it and realized that those ten pages blew away what I'd written so far of Hunting Diana. Sadly, that was about 2/3 of it! And so I rewrote it. It would have been easy to pick at Dawn's brain after that. I had so many questions! But I realized that her career was taking off. And so...I would bide my time until we met at LIRW meetings or the luncheon. She would greet me with that smile. And with advice. And excitement over the success of her books.

Adieu, Dawn. Your readers will miss you.