Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MARCH MADNESS CONTESTVampires of Mina's Cove - Lucian

Here it is! An excerpt that should give you an idea of what the picture for Lucian should look like. First ten to post a picture will receive Romantic Days Erotic Nights, a cookbook with recipes of romance authors (including my recipe for Succulent Shrimp). At the end of the month, I will announce which picture will go up on THE VAMPIRES OF MINA'S COVE as Lucian. The person who posted that picture will receive a box of Godiva chocolates. So, read the following excerpt then start hunting!

(The following is an unedited, unproofed excerpt from Hunting Diana and may differ from the final version. Copyright 2006 Doreen Orsini)

A sudden shift in the crowd around the bar and an elbow in her back propelled Diana forward. If a strong hand hadn't emerged and clamped around her left arm, she would have slammed into a barstool. Her gaze dropped to the long fingers wrapped around her arm. Oh, God, she knew that hand, had seen it at the lake erupting from the swirling mist that had always left her yearning for its touch.

Her phantom lover.

Phantom...or vampire?

Swallowing the scream that would have ripped through the din of voices if her lungs hadn't shut down, she forced herself to look away from her phantom's hand. Her gaze slid past the black hair sprinkling the taut muscles along his forearm, past the biceps bulging out from a short, white sleeve, past the raven-black hair that fell in soft waves to his shoulders. When she finally saw his face--the stubble coating his chiseled jaw, chin, and cheeks and surrounding full, soft lips parted in a crooked smile--whatever breath she'd managed to drag into her lungs whooshed out with a wheezing scream. She'd kissed those lips, felt them take possession of her mouth, glide along her jaw and down her neck. Oh God, every nerve in her body tingled from the memory even as her body started to tremble with fear.

Tearing her gaze from his mouth, she peered up into the same midnight-blue eyes that had taken her breath away in her dream last night. The pain she'd felt in that dream, the horrible burning in her veins returned with a vengeance. Diana drew in a sharp breath. Her legs buckled.

Darkness obliterated the face of her phantom lover.

(Ok, I have to post the first entries. All others can be viewed by joining my group, doreenorsiniromancers, using the yahoo button on the right. IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE!)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

March Madness Contest!!!

Hunting Diana, my erotic paranormal romance, will be released in July. To celebrate, I'm building a page on my website devoted to the Vampires of Mina's Cove. Hunting Diana is Lucian's story, but you'll also meet three other vampires who will have their stories told. Four months until publication, four hunky vampires.

Finding a dark, sensual man to represent each vampire isn't easy. Help me out. Send me your hunks, your studs, your eye candy. While I would rather imagine how endowed they are, I'm quite open to bun shots. Just remember to include another with their face in your entry. Looks will matter!

Starting March 1st, I'll open each month with a description of that month's vampire. Post a picture that matches my description. Someone you think portrays every woman's dream vampire. Maybe you'll find a studly vampire on the web. Maybe he's the love of your life and this is your chance to show him off! Maybe the love of your life was a hottie years ago. Mine was. Rummage through those old pictures. Here's my love when we first married.

God, this picture still turns me on. Ok...where was I?

Oh, my contest. Since this month's contest will help us get through the last month of winter, I'm calling it the March Madness Contest.

So lets gear up for a great spring. Come back on March 1st for the first Vampires description. Each person who posts a picture will get an entry into the March Madness Contest. The winner will receive a box of Godiva chocolate!

Happy hunting!!!

And now for a poem...Mina's Prophecy.

When stars burst free from sunlight's glare,
The moon regains its throne in air
The creatures of the night then whisper,
Our future changed when Dracula kissed her
The beast who once would kill for fun,
Gave up his life so she could run
God's Angels touched by love so pure,
Bestowed a gift of life secured
And now his children who once were wild,
In Mina's Cove live meek and mild
And blood still holds a strong attraction,
But only when combined with passion
It is foretold a woman scorned
Shall risk it with a trusting pawn
A rose so pure, a rose so white
Will blind him with its brilliant light
If two do not unite as one,
We all will lose what we have won

Copyright 2006 Doreen Orsini