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Hi all! Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find word of my contests, upcoming releases, news, and some tasty excerpts. Visit my website for more excerpts and news. You just might find a page loaded with eye candy! Keeping you up to date, shortly before Christmas, I sold three books to Triskelion Publishing. Did the happy dance for a few hours before settling down to work. It's been hectic. Suddenly, I must share my writing time with my promoting time. Which, considering the heat level of my novels, means cutting down on some heavy fantasizing. *sigh*
In case you didn't notice in the thirty other places I posted the pic to the left, I have my first cover! Once again, thanks Kristi and Gail for getting this done so quickly and for giving No One But Madison such a hot cover. And perfect! Madison spends quite a bit of time on her Master's lap...please remember that below is an unedited, unproofed excerpt! And yes, it is copyrighted to me. ; )

"Drake?" Madison glanced down at their clasped hands as he hailed a cab.
"Yeah? "
"Why are you being so nice?" She hesitated at the curb as he opened the door.
He laughed. "You say that like I'm not a nice guy."
"You know what I mean."
"I may own you this week, but," he hesitated and nodded towards the cab, you're my slave only when it comes to sex, Madison. Otherwise, you and I are all ways."
She slid in and pressed her hand over the butterflies taking flight in her chest.
"Tenth and University," he slammed the door and frowned. "Get over here, she-cat." Smoothly, effortlessly, which considering her size was quite a feat, he lifted her onto his lap. Rubbing his knuckles over her crimson cheeks, he whispered, "I'm not a bad guy, Madison. And you'll soon discover that I'm not a bad Master, either."
"Where are we going?" Her breathless voice sounded alien to her ears.
"Where I keep all my possessions. Home."
"Possessions? Home? Listen, I never agreed..."
His mouth silenced her then his tongue delved between her lips, devoured her mouth and branded her his. "Ready to learn about freedom through slavery?"
His hand slid under her sweater and meandered up her inner thigh. She tried to push it back as she nodded toward the driver.
"This is out of your control, slave," he whispered against her lips. "Now, close your eyes like a good slave and let go."
Madison peeked at the back of the driver's head. Drake touched her cheek with his finger and turned her face to his.
"Close your eyes, baby."
Madison snagged her lower lip between her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut. "Drake, please..."
"Maybe I'll shield you from his eyes...maybe I won't," he whispered, capturing her lip and pulling it free.
If she'd ever gone to a therapist and revealed all her fantasies, Madison would have some case against him for breaching doctor patient confidentiality. She could swear someone told Drake each and every wicked dream she'd ever had. She prayed he would shield her, fantasized that he didn't. The hem of her dress slid up her thighs. Fingers caressed her skin, slid under her knee. She felt Drake shift under her and tried to focus on the direction they faced, but his tongue plunged into her mouth and scattered her thoughts. Like a drowning victim bursting out of the water before sinking back under, she managed to break free of the effects of his kiss just long enough to realize her legs were splayed open while his fingers slid up her inner thigh. She gasped from the touch of his fingertips against the sensitive skin of her nether lips. His hand retreated down her leg.
Wriggling, she whispered on a breathy sigh, "Free me."
She felt his lips smiling as they slid down her neck to her collarbone. Her dress slid higher. His hand delved between her splayed legs.


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