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Doreen Orsini's April Vampire Hunk Hunt - Tomas

Last month we hunted and found Lucian, the hero in Hunting Diana, Book One of The Vampire's of Mina's Cove. This month we will hunt for the perfect picture of Tomas, Lucian's cousin.

To enter, join my group, Doreen Orsini Romancers (the link is on the right of this post) then go hunting! When you find a picture you feel is Tomas, enter it in the "Tomas Entries" photo album on my Doreen Orsini Romancers group site.

Last month I supplied an excerpt from Hunting Diana. For Tomas, I can not do that. All excerpts with any description of Tomas give away too many clues and might ruin the story. So I will give you a brief description and a sneak peak into Book Two of The Vampire's of Mina's Cove.

First a brief description...Born a vampire, Tomas grew up in Mina's Cove. Other than his fangs, bloodlust, sensitivity to sunlight, and odd sleeping habits, he is quite the normal, modern young man. At thirty, he is only five years past maturity. Shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes, a body most young women find irresistable, and a contagious smile make him one of the most sought after and loved vamps in Mina's Cove.

Remeber, every picture will be an entry. There is no limit!
DEADLINE: April 30th
PRIZE: A free download of Hunting Diana and a Hunting Diana t-shirt!

(This excerpt is unedited and unproofed and may differ from the final version.) Copyright 2006 Doreen Orsini

Tomas opened his eyes just as the last, waning rays of sunlight faded from his room. The woman he’d brought home from the club last night sat naked on his desk munching on a strawberry while she watched the T.V. A bowl filled with fruit sat wedged between her legs. He watched her eat three more before she glanced at the bed.
Finding him awake, her face lit up. Her hand disappeared behind the bowl. He lifted his head for a better view but couldn’t see anything except her wrist. When her hand reappeared it held his remote. She aimed it at the T.V., pressed the power button, and dropped it on the desk.
“Boy, do you sleep like the dead! Don’t stay up all night often?” She lifted the bowl and hopped off the desk.
Tomas watched her walk on long muscular legs to the bed. The blond curls on her head clashed with the dark ones below. Shaved into the shape of an arrow pointing down, her mound once again had him grinning foolishly. “Huh?”
“I said it’s obvious you don’t pull many all-nighters.”
Entranced by the clean shaven skin not six inches from the edge of the bed, he mumbled, “Actually I do.”
She brought a half eaten strawberry to his lips. “Yeah, right. You slept right through Oprah.”
He smirked and enveloped the strawberry and her fingertips with his lips. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips.
“Miss me, Terry?” he asked, smirking.
Terry grinned. “I didn’t think you’d remember my name.”
He reached out and ran his finger down the arrow. “I only yelled it out about a dozen times last night. God, you’re insatiable.”
“That’s me.” she said, her voice suddenly hoarse. “But you and your friend may have had something to do with that.” She nodded her head down towards his cock. “Damn, you’re big! Biggest I’ve had yet.”
He pulled her down onto the bed sending the bowl and its contents crashing to the floor. “You’re full of shit, Terry. Nobody as promiscuous as you make yourself out to be can be. . .” he sank his finger into her pussy, “this tight.”
“I’ve slept with too many men to count. Tomas!”
Torturing her clit until she tried to wriggle away, he added two more fingers and fluttered them against the moist flesh. “Fess up, Terry. How many?”
“At least fifty.” she said, then squealed when he spread his fingers wide. “Okay, okay, you’re only my seventh!”
“Seventh guy or seventh time?” He brought his other hand to a pert nipple and squeezed.
“Okay! Okay! Seventh guy and seventh time! Stop, I can’t take it.” she cried.
He frowned. “I don’t get it.” Last night, she’d worn him out. “I mean, Terry, we broke my record, last night. And you’re telling me you only did it once with each of them?”
She ran her hand down over his abs. “So.”
“So, why?” Watching her slender fingers move closer to the black curls surrounding his rock-hard cock, he thought he’d burn up faster than if he stood beneath the sun.
When she didn’t answer, he hooked her chin with his fingers. Crimson stains covered her cheeks. He couldn’t believe, but this bold, outspoken woman who had shocked even him with the things she’d blithely said last night, was blushing. He wrapped a blonde lock of hair around his finger and tugged until she lay down in the crook of his arm, her cheek resting on his shoulder. Her eyes met his then focused on her fingers as they played with the dark hair on his chest.
“Why not with them?” he asked, the mere mention of others somehow angering him.
“I didn’t like it.”
“You? No way.” He laughed then clamped his mouth shut. His erection, constant from the moment he saw her lick the strawberry juice from her fingers, shriveled. “You’ve been faking it?”
Terry closed her eyes. “Yeah, every single one.”
“Every one?” When she nodded, the previous night played over in his head. Every scream, every moan. He’d never be the same, never again enjoy a good screw without wondering.
Diego wouldn’t care since he only used foreplay to keep them moving toward his own climax. He could give a shit whether his partner came or not.
Tomas stared at the water stain above his head, the impact of her words rocking him. God, he might never shoot another load.
“I never could understand it,” she mumbled, “It’s not like they weren’t hot or anything, and they did all the right things. God, one even had a whole shelf devoted to books on satisfying a woman. But I never seemed able to feel anything. So, I’d make up some excuse and leave.”
“You just left?” His shaft twitched. “Right away?”
“Because you didn’t want to fake it again.” His erection returned.
Terry raised her head. “Tomas, I’m not that good an actress. They’d definitely have caught on.”
“So I’m the first one to make it to round two.” He wanted to believe it was because she had no need to fake it, but he had to be sure.
“Why bother with round two if I didn’t get blown away by round one?” She reached down and stroked his growing arousal. “God, you’re hot.”
“I work out.” He flexed his muscles, smugly absorbing that he had succeeded where others had failed. Damn, he must be good.
“Jerk, I meant your cock. It’s so hot.”

Happy Hunting!!



At 1:37 AM, Blogger Caffey said...

Oh wow, that excerpt was totally hot!! Loved how you ended it like that too with the excerpt! I need to check out when your release for this one is!!
I'm on your group, but special notice since I couldn't keep up :( I'm not sure how the contest works, but good luck all!
Can't wait for this one! Going back to see when this is out!!

At 9:44 AM, Blogger Doreen Orsini said...

Hi Caffey,

You've completed part of the contest already by reading the excerpt. And I believe you are already a member of Doreen Orsini Romancers, so now all you have to do is look for a picture of a hot guy who matches the description in the excerpt then add it to the photo album "Tomas Entries". You'll find the photo album on the home page of our group,

At 2:24 PM, Blogger Lisa T said...

Wow, that excerpt was smokin'!! I am so looking forward to your vampire series. Just something about those bad boys stirs the juices...if you know what I

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Doreen Orsini said...

LOL, Lisa. If you like bad boys, or rather boys that do bad things...check out NO ONE BUT MADISON. It's out now and the reader responses are pouring in!! They are loving Drake!


At 5:11 PM, Blogger superlong said...

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At 10:40 PM, Blogger Lisa R. said...

Very nice name Doreen Drake always did like that name for a vampire herino in a book.
Lisa R.

At 5:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:53 AM, Blogger Jordan Summers said...

Great excerpt. Really looking forward to the first book in the series.

At 12:11 PM, Blogger WickedBlog said...

Excellent excerpt and the picture contest is a great idea.


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